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You and I; Just us, forever.

Do you remember us?
Can we go back to those days?
The flowers bloomed, sun shone, autumn arrived and leaves fell,
Northern breeze blew and winter finally arrived
Oh nature, such beautiful nature
You and I
Oh,what a bliss it was to be together.
Do you remember us together?
Inseperable, progressive
smiling and evergreen
untouched by impurities
two souls, so in love
nothing else mattered.

Hey, we were good, weren't we?
Did you feel the peace
When it was just you and me
Dreams, oh, what a wonderful illusion for closed eyes to see
Do you remember our dreams?
Our small house
Joyous serena
You, in my arms
Into my loving, loving arms,
I held you
I loved you
I kissed your worries away.
Dreams, such a marvelous place for us three to be in.

No, wait. stop.
We're doing our calculations wrong.
The wind has changed its course
But why?
Why, when it was all that we could've asked for.

Do you remember it happening?
Do you remember the crashing waves,
The flood and the fire
The struggle to breathe, to come out unscathed and alive.

Hey, can you hear me?
Are you alive?
Did we make it?
Are we alive?
Are we barely breathing?
Did we die?
Say something! Don't be quiet
What happened here?
Speak! speak! speak!
I'm getting tired.
The silence finally getting to me
We're giving up.

No, wait, stop.
Hold on tight.
We never promised this
We vowed to keep the fight
Look me in the eye
Hold both of my hands
Listen to my heartbeat and
Count the days that we spent.
We have a lot more to add.
It isn't the time to surrender
No, not just yet.
Hold my hand and don't let go,
I'll pull us through
I won't let go
I won't give up
I promise, we'll make it out of here.

Do you remember us?
You and i
Oh,so exquisite together!
Our picture still hangs on the wall
Oh, how perfect we look,
you and i!
Smiling faces, your smiling face
Your smile...
Oh, I can die a thousand times.

Darling, tell me please!
Did we make it through the calamity?
Did we not?
It's okay, I'll meet you in the heavens.
Our small house and serena.
I'll keep you in my arms
We shall live our dream.

Darling, do you feel the peace?
It's just you and me.
You and I,
Just us
From here onward.
Oh, how happy we shall be!
Do you remember us happy?
Darling, tell me why don't you!

Answer for question 4475.

What were your biggest plans for 2015 when the year began? With the year over half gone now, how have your plans progressed and/or changed? If you could change one thing that has happened so far this year, what would it be and why?
everything's changed. all the plans, goals, dreams. funny how i've forgotten about most of them. If i could, I would change it all and start over new. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from taking the very first step towards drugs. I wish I could keep someone. I wish i could love someone. I've hurt, broken, killed a person from inside. i wish i could change that. if i could change one thing, i'd change myself.



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